My Start into Blogging and Thought of the Day

5 Months ago I was let go from my job and having a one and four-year-old at home I was panicked a bit as my wife was on maternity leave. Instead of rushing back out to work to get a job I decided after 15 years working with really no break I decided to take some time to better myself and skill-set as well as take care of the kids. In the time this occurred I took some advice from some people pretty early on and decided to focus on my MBA gaining my Agile Certified Practitioner certification and learning to program in python and understanding how to use data more effectively for decisions. In doing so I had the time to focus on all three when my wife was not at work but for a month now she has been at work and I have had to be more realistic in my goals. My 100 days of code has been great and I have had to adjust my 100 days to not follow the standard in regards to only being able to skip 1 or 2 days. I instead have set a goal to program 4 to 5 days a week for a minimum of an hour while I still study for my PMI-ACP and adjusting to this and have completely put my MBA on hold. The reason of all this adjustment has been something somebody told me a while back and that was that I am not an engaging writer or storyteller and I am probably still not but at the same time after I started writing whatever I pleased and blogging it felt like my writing got better (at least I think it did). I started experimenting with different editing software and ideas and just writing and liked it so much and felt I was getting a lot out of it and decided to continue. Now it is five months and I got 1000 followers on my blog and 1000 twitter followers after 5 months of coding and joining the #100daysofcode community on Twitter. Weirdly the community can keep you going much like my followers for my blog and coding I feel are an external force that keeps me motivated- the internal force is about my self-betterment.

I am excited to continue to blog as I have now managed to re-prioritize my goals to something more manageable. I also had to re-prioritize with preschool not being available and my other one napping then I usually got 6-7 hours to code or create content at that time- well things change and now it takes a lot of effort to keep the kids occupied instead of being in school. In reality, prioritizing often in life, in general, is important. I almost look at things in an agile way where after completing something prioritizing my backlog of things I want to get done is important. Also looking at the return I will personally get on my time is very important as well. I am also adjusting my website fahimmoledina.ca so you might see some issues for the next couple of weeks at least please visit my temporary site fahimmmoledina77.wordpress.com. I am excited at my next steps forward and am always open to connecting with you so let’s touch base on LinkedIn, Twitter or check out my other projectmanagement.com profile.

I have found now that followers on Twitter and my blog are coming naturally and quicker once I have started to only care about producing the content I wanted to. I also started to read other blogs and when I enjoyed something commented and re-blogged with my commentary. I like to hear about what people are working on to improve themselves and would love to hear from some people. Do not forget to follow me and like the article as well.

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6 thoughts on “My Start into Blogging and Thought of the Day

  1. Hi Fahim, good to hear that you came out with flying colors in tough times. Thanks for sharing the 4 months 1000 followers blog.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Times are definitely getting tougher it seems like with covid. Stay safe.

  2. Yaa true.

    You too stay safe. I feel it is a way nature wants us to think back , introspect and strike a balance in our life. Bring back the moderation which we have lost somewhere in the mad race of I don’t know what.

    1. Definitely agree it is important to learn from crisis and it is alarming to see how animals and the environment in many situations are back to thriving and things are healing. I never would have thought about this otherwise and our affect on the whole ecosystem.

      1. Yes absolutely true. Humans have a tremendous ecological burden . I hope things restore to normal and we better learn our lessons.

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